Gears of War Roster

Carlos “Demize” Betancourt

Carlos Betancourt, otherwise known as Charlie to his friends and stream viewers, has been involved in the Gears scene since 2006. With humble roots as a casual player, Charlie was introduced to competitive play in 2007 with his first LAN event, finishing top-3 and sinking the hook for life. A grinder, Demize also boasts an incredible 12 event win streak (alongside Chaoz) and intends to make his mark on the biggest stage to date for LATAM Gears players. You can check out Demize streaming some insane wall bouncing action over on Twitch today!

Sahad “Cryticxl” Soria

Sahad "Cryticxl" Soria, aka Involving/SPY was born in Mexico City and seemingly born a competitive gamer, never caring for the casual type games. A Gears of War player since Gears 2, Sahad has won everything there is to win within the LATAM region and is excited for the chance to compete on an international stage with the best players in the world. A former player for RNK/Splyce, Cryticxl has an entry in the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest score ever recorded in GoW: Judgement multiplayer. A confident player, Cryticxl is ready to conquer the international stage alongside his teammates.

Reynaldo “Chaoz” Tosada

24-year old Reynaldo Tosada began his Gears of War career in 2006, attended his first LAN in 2007, and won 12 events in a row on the best team in his country. For Gears of War 3, Chaoz's team "MeltdoWn" was considered a top-3 team, holding the best records in Gamebattles and defeating all challengers, including top tournament team "Infinity". A long-time Gears veteran and stabilizing influence on the younger roster, Reynaldo looks forward to attending the Mexico City event and proving LATAM Gears is a force to be reckoned with.

Rogelio “Sleeafer” Rojo

Rogelio (Sleeafer) Rojo is an 18-year old LATAM player from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. A consistent Gears of War veteran since 2011, Sleeafer has participated in many Gears online tournaments since 2012, never finishing below 4th place. A solid teammate who will be participating in his first international event in Mexico City, Sleeafer is ready to show the world how talented both he and his team are on the biggest stage to date for Gears.

Juan “Crack” Nieves

18-year old Juan "Crack" Nieves hails from San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico and began his competitive gaming career in 2012 alongside his duo Sleeafer, teaming consistently throughout each Gears release. Considered one of the best pure slayers in LATAM and a talented all-around player, Juan is excited to be joining Onslaught and for the opportunity to showcase his talent on a world stage in his home country Gears event.

Christian “Punki” Bardales

Christian "Punki" Bardales, is a 22-year old college accounting graduate from UAQ from Queretaro, Queretaro and a former competitive Gears of War player. An online phenom in Gears 3 and Gears of War: Judgement and former member of RNK/Splyce, Punki is now retired from competitive play but holds down the role of Coach for the Onslaught LATAM Gears team.