Squidgrips Review

Onslaught staff had the opportunity to review the much-hyped SquidGrips over the 4th of July holiday, and we came away very impressed. So impressed in fact, we debated even posting this review because we wanted to keep our new “secret weapon” to ourselves…

But if you follow @Squidgrip on Twitter (which we highly recommend), you have undoubtedly noticed a surge in Followers over the past few weeks, which is a testament to how awesomely effective their product is. So effective in fact, Onslaught is giving it their official stamp of approval and recommending it to ALL our members and fans.

So what makes SquidGrips a great product?

  • Smooth, yet surprisingly grippy texture is extremely comfortable. EXTREMELY. It makes marathon gaming sessions like the all day pursuits put in during testing by oS Revolt a breeze on your hands.
  • The videos don’t lie, this thing will absorb and wick away moisture like a damn sponge on steroids. I have pretty sweaty hands when I game, especially in the summer. SquidGrips made my hands comfortably dry, which is important. Not bone-dry, where your hands crack and bleed at every twist and turn. Not sorta dry, where you would be still prone to slipping. SquidGrips nails the perfect combination of drying performance. Check out the linked video below.


  • For the cost, you can’t ask for a much more durable product. It has survived close to 50 hours of gameplay to date, drops, food and drink spills, and even cat scratches. Pretty phenomenal.
  • SquidGrips is one of those products that transcends current skill level. From absolute noobs to seasoned oS vets, EVERYONE can benefit from a more cushioned, dry controller. Even if it doesn’t improve your game as it has for us, it WILL make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.
  • Surprisingly, one of the biggest things we were worried about actually turned out to be a huge benefit. Elite gamers like Onslaught members can be a pretty finicky bunch when it comes to messing with the feel of their controllers. There was legitimate concern that even the sightly raised surface would disrupt the “flow” of button movement, especially when it came to switching from the grip to the A, B, X, and Y buttons. But after running it through the gauntlet, the little bit of added height actually made it EASIER to hit the reload and other buttons. Very cool benefit we were not expecting.
  • Super cheap shipping, and fast. We placed our order on a Saturday night, and had our package shipped cross country by Thursday morning. And with free stickers and no unnecessary packaging to throw away!
  • Customizable emblems are pretty sweet! And they do have options to really customize with your own personal emblems, similar to the ones used by NOS and Frag Dolls.
  • The adhesive on the back is quality stuff, and survived my repeated adjusting, re-adjusting, and re-re-adjusting trying to get it just right. I was concerned that especially on a dirty controller (who follows instructions, not this guy…) the adhesive might not perform well after taking it on and off 5+ times. But the tackiness was no joke, and on the 7th try I seemed to have it just right. No slipping, sliding, or adjusting has been necessary since, it sticks and holds well but still will allow me to un-stick without leaving a gummy residue. A++.

Like all great things however, there IS a downside to SquidGrips. For us, its the fact that now that we’ve reviewed them, we are going to be forced to start purchasing them in droves for our members-only tournaments and prize giveaways. We’re that sold.

For more information, or to follow Onslaught’s advice and purchase SquidGrips today, head on over to www.squidgrip.com… and don’t forget to pick out your custom colored emblem. Your hands and game won’t regret it!

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