Spreadshirt Review

Spreadshirt is a great company that does all the hard work of creating t-shirts, hoodies, and all sorts of marketing items for you, allowing you to focus on the fun aspects – designing eye-catching designs and growing your “brand.”  Onslaught was turned on to Spreadshirt by the always helpful gaming personality Anna Marie, better known as RxySurfChic (@rxysurfchic on Twitter), AKA The Queen of C4.  As manager of Onslaught, I can say Spreadshirt is a huge, huge asset for us, and regardless of your teams size, it can be for you.

So what exactly is your Spreadshirt shop?  First, Spreadshirt allows you to design a nearly unlimited amount of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other fashion gear (hell, even underwear!) however you and your imagination deem fit.  And oh the possibilities.  Customizable text, a crazy amount of options for colors, the ability to import your own images (say, clan logos) and a really easy to use, yet remarkably powerful editing software package baked right into the website make designing your items quick, easy, and fun.  Since the goal of your shop is to turn a profit, Spreadshirt allows you to see the base cost of your item, then the cost for each addition (say a line of text, or an image) and finally, once you are satisfied with your design, allows you to individually set a dollar amount of profit per shirt sold.  Feel like being greedy and charging $15.00 on each shirt?  Feel free!  Want to lower your profits down to $0.99 per shirt?  Spreadshirt gives you ultimate control over your designs and your profits.

Once you have your designs and costs finalized, Spreadshirt does the rest.  They handle the actual manufacturing of the shirts/hoodies/water bottles/umbrellas/underwear, the billing and invoicing, and the shipping.  Basically, everything that sucks about designing and marketing your own line of apparel.  And to top it all off, they also handle all of the customer service issues, like needing a different size or returns, for you.  All for free!

Free you say?  Yes, the biggest benefit to using Spreadshirt is that it is 100% free to open up your own shop.  For gaming clans, personalities, or just entrepreneurs looking to really expand their brands or make some serious coin on the side, you can’t beat the ability to get started without having to shell out any of your own cash.  And Spreadshirt is not some fly-by-night, shady operation that over-promises and under-delivers.  From experience (remember, this is a review, not just some fluff piece we were paid to do!) I can say that I trust Spreadshirt not to drop the ball (or skull for you Halo players) and tarnish our clans reputation.  I have 100% confidence that when someone orders an oS shirt from us through our Spreadshirt shop (www.osgear.spreadshirt.com) they will get a high-quality product with the backing of high-quality customer service to answer any of their questions.

Spreadshirt works for us.  I have tried other Internet-based companies, but either ran into design limitations or the dreaded minimum order restrictions…which by the way, Spreadshirt has none.  Your customers and fans can order 1 shirt or 100 shirts, which in itself separates Spreadshirt from the competition.  I’ve tried local companies, but they too could not match the design capabilities or control that Spreadshirt offers.  For us and I think for you, Spreadshirt is the best option for growing and promoting your cause or brand.

Go to Spreadshirt to make your own custom t-shirts and other custom gear.  Onslaught highly recommends it!

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