Onslaught Acquires Rainbow Six Major League Team

Onslaught eSports is pleased to announce our continued investment in the Rainbow Six: Siege community with the acquisition of one of the top console Xbox One teams competing in the ESL Major League. Sporting a current 2-0 record in the revamped league, the former onPoint roster was unexpectedly released by Circa Esports despite being tied for 1st place in their respective division of the $5,000 league.

With Onslaught’s prior performances in the ESL Pro League during Year One on Xbox and continuing into Year Two with our PC Pro League team, the past successes and history of the organization in the Tom Clancy title made it an attractive sponsorship for the players to pursue. And with the onPoint roster featuring some of the console scenes strongest talent, the acquisition was mutually beneficial to both parties.

Chief Operating Officer Jen Dalton was optimistic on the team’s chances to win their division and continue to represent the Onslaught name in the Rainbow community.


“Onslaught has been involved with Rainbow Six since Day 1, and bringing these guys on after the unexpected departure from Circa just made sense…” said Dalton, “with our history of success in the league, adding another chapter to those pages is right up our alley.” – Jen Dalton, COO


General Manager Patrick O’Brien was also eager to return to Onslaught’s Rainbow Six roots to complete some unfinished business while being represented by one of the stronger teams on console.


“The console scene for Rainbow is still strong, with hundreds of competitive teams. For Onslaught to again be represented by one of the best is both an honor and a continuance of a tradition for us, and we are excited to watch the team compete for a title!”Patrick O’Brien, GM


Please join Onslaught in welcoming the new team, check out the updated Rainbow Six Rosters page to learn more the new players, and #oSoD!

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