Onslaught Acquires Top Overwatch Team

Onslaught is excited to announce the signing of one of the top Overwatch console teams, formerly known as Team Royal, and a top competitor in the emerging Overguard League. Consisting of Eduardo “TheGhostx2” Gonzalez, Miles “KingPluto7” Jordan, Jonathan “Blayzekiller” Trejo, Anthony “TheStranger43” Campos, Jakob “Beang220” Amador, Adam “Creams” Cremer and led by Coach/Manager Pierce “ClassicDeception” Anderson the team features multiple #1 ranked competitive players at their respected positions, and has been a highly-ranked team for multiple seasons of the Overguard OW League and one of the trendy picks to take home this seasons championship.

As many hardcore fans and followers of Overwatch will be aware, the competitive scene is currently dominated by PC teams and tournaments, however there has been a growing and vibrant competitive scene on the console side that has recently begun to blossom thanks to a dedicated community and strong promotion and streaming talent from The Overguard. After watching the scene develop over the past 2 seasons, Onslaught felt the time was right to acquire one of the top emerging talents and help to bring increased publicity to the console scene.

Onslaught VP of Talent Development Jordan Flores, when asked about the acquisition, stated that the organization had had its eye on the console scene for some time.

“We saw the talent and potential these guys had. Their individual talent, chemistry, and ability to work as a true team unit – one of the hallmarks of competitive Overwatch, made bringing them into the Onslaught brand an easy decision.”

TheGhostx2 Overbuff Ranking (Screencap courtesy of Overbuff.com)

Chief Operating Office Jen Dalton, an avid Overwatch fan and player on both the Xbox and PS4 console, was highly influential in the decision to acquire the team.

“One of the things we try very hard to do here at Onslaught” Dalton said, “is be at the forefront of talent development and recognizing great opportunities to become more involved in passionate communities. We’ve taken this step previously in Smite, Gears, and Rocket League, and really extended that commitment with Rainbow Six: Siege. Overwatch is a dynamic game, a blast to watch and play, and a natural evolution for us as a top organization and company. We’re super excited to have these talented players representing the Onslaught name as one of the top teams in console esports.”


The new Onslaught players were equally as excited about their new home. Miles “KingPluto7” Jordan echoed Jen’s sentiments, praising the communities growth over the past couple seasons.

“I am honored and excited to be part of such an accomplished organization…our team looks forward to showing the e-sports world how strong the Overwatch console community really is.” – Miles “KingPluto7” Jordan


Eduardo “TheGhostx2” Gonzalez is excited for the opportunity to shine on potentially a larger stage, and represent a team well-known for its winning tradition.

“I always play for my team first, but I’d be lying if i said that personal recognition weren’t next on the list. At the end of the day, I want to be known as the best Reinhardt, on the best team, under the best organization.” – Eduardo “TheGhostx2” Gonzalez


And finally, designated tank player Jonathan “Blayzekiller” Trejo and #1 ranked Solider 76 AND Genji DPS-main Anthony “TheStranger43” Campos both echo the praise and potential that Jordan Flores and the Onslaught management team see, displaying mature confidence that comes from consistently being a top-tier team.

“The key for us this season this season is to have fun. Sometimes we can let our own emotions get in the way of our success.. as long as we keep cool and have a good time, I believe that we’re pretty unstoppable.” – Jonathan “Blayzekiller” Trejo


“I am super confident that our team can go all the way this season. We’re a relatively young roster, so it may take us a bit to hit our stride again, but once we do, we’ll burn down the competition.” – Anthony “TheStranger43” Campos


When interviewed on the team and the future of Overwatch as a console esport, General Manager Patrick O’Brien was bullish on the future prospects for the fast-growing game.

“Overwatch is a fantastic game with a loyal following. The potential is already being realized on the PC side, and we have carefully watched the console side and seen consistent, stable growth and we strongly believe that it is only a matter of time before local and regional event organizers begin to incorporate LAN events and professional style leagues into their immediate plans for console. Onslaught has always had a history of being pioneers in a sense in the beginnings of competitive titles, and we are very excited to be at the forefront of this. We are even more excited to have the players on this team representing the Onslaught brand as we move into 2017.”

Support for the team is high even at the community level. Overguard Commentator GoziyTV believes the adversity the team has overcome in the past few seasons has prepared them well for success.

“This team has had their share of ups and downs since Season 2. Even with the issues this team never gave up, they dug in and roared to life and established themselves as a powerhouse team…congratulations to them, great team befitting a great organization.”

Join us in welcoming the entire team to the Onslaught family!

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