Onslaught Signs New Rocket League Roster

Onslaught eSports is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Rocket League team formerly known as “Heroes of Tomorrow” to represent Onslaught as we look to continue to be heavily involved in the growing Rocket League scene in 2017. After narrowly missing out on a Rocket League Championship Series berth for Season 2, finishing 9-12th in qualifiers, the team of Alain “alaindodger” Friedman, Shawn “RVP” Schrotenboer, Alec “AlecStorm8” DeSantiago and Eric “SpeedyWalrus” Mitchell has been on a tear, building impressive chemistry and capping off the last week winning Gfinity without dropping a single game.

With Onslaught’s prior history of involvement in Rocket League dating back to even before RLCS Season 1, continuing to be involved in the popular game and acquiring one of the more talented, up and coming teams made considerable sense.

When interviewed, Onslaught General Manager Patrick O’Brien was excited to continue watching the team grow.

“Personally, I am a huge fan of Rocket League. I think it is an awesome game to play, one of my favorites by far. It also is fantastic in the sense that when you watch high-level teams play, there is a beauty to the game that mirrors the real-life skill of team sports with the passing, the huge plays, the momentum swings. We are truly excited to bring these talented players into the Onslaught family, and to support them as they continue to grow as a team.” – Patrick O’Brien, GM


G4G winners L-R: KingWizard, former oS player Huskih, RVP

Chief Operating Officer Jen Dalton was equally excited to grow the Onslaught name in the Rocket League community.

“Rocket League has such a passionate community, and it is an honor to continue to be a part of it. Acquiring the talented HoT roster is a great way to continue the momentum that Onslaught started months ago. It’s not an accident that the team colors in Rocket League are Orange and Blue!”
– Jen Dalton, COO


Team spokesman and player Shawn “RVP” Schrotenboer was also pumped to be representing Onslaught and teaming with such immense potential.

“I was really excited when alaindodger asked me to try things out with the HoT boys, I’ve been facing them in tournaments since the beginning of competitive RL and when they decided to buckle down and take things seriously I was honored Alain, Alec, and Speedy wanted to work with me. There has been some speed bumps along the way but we have accomplished a lot together so far, and I am really excited to see what we can do under the Onslaught name.” – Shawn “RVP” Schrotenboer


Team captain Alain “alaindodger” Friedman was enthusiastic to represent a professional esports organization with a solid background in Rocket League, and showcase the teams emerging talent and teamwork.


“”We are extremely happy to be representing such a fantastic organization. We have made steady progress towards the very top of the Rocket League scene over the last few months and we’re confident that the support from Onslaught will help push us to the next level.” – Alain “alaindodger” Friedman

The new Onslaught Rocket League team competes in a variety of weekly online tournaments, where you can catch RVP streaming the action on his Twitch channel. You can also check out the team biographies and learn more about the players, and join us in welcoming the entire team to oS!

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