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Onslaught Dives Into Battlerite

Onslaught eSports is pleased to announce another huge addition to our talented 2017 lineup with the signing of the #1 Battlerite team in North America, formerly known as “Legendary”. The team is comprised of top worldwide ranked players Connor “Averse” Shacklady, Dominic “Arakune” Valentino, and Alvin “Ninjas” Xu, three of the best players in the emerging Battlerite scene and a dominant force in North America.

How dominant? Try 95% win rate dominant, with a list of 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 tournament victories for all players that stretches pages long. Simply put, these guys are the most accomplished team in North America, and one of the top teams in the entire world. But don’t take it just from us…community website Battlecrank.com described the god-squad recently after another undefeated Battlerekt tournament run as such:

“It’s becoming something of a tradition to laud Legendary’s results in Battlerekt, and for good reason. The squad is clearly the top team in NA by some distance, and this week’s results prove they have the potential to stand up to the best squads EU has to offer as well. It’s going to take a tectonic shift to unseat Legendary from their throne atop the North American scene.”


For those of you who may not be familiar with the game, Battlerite bills itself as “the ultimate arena brawler…an action-packed PvP brawler and the spiritual successor to the cult-hit Bloodline Champions.” A PC title, Battlerite combines the viewpoint of a top-down shooter with the fast pace of a fighting game, pitting players in 2v2 and 3v3 arena matches. Using classic “WASD” keyboard movement and cursor based aiming, Battlerite is won and lost using deadly combos, skilled accuracy, teamplay and fast reactions. An emerging esports title with a staggering 500,000 paid beta downloads, the Stunlock Studios hit also incorporates innovative streaming integration with cutting edge VR cinematics and filming techniques. You can grab your copy from Steam today and see for yourself why everyone is raving about Battlerite.

“Battlerite is the best teamfight you’ve ever had, over and over”
-PC Gamer


The acquisition of the team is another crucial step forward for the Onslaught eSports organization. Primarily known for fielding some of the best teams across a variety of console-based titles, Onslaught has continued its growth in 2017 and steps into the potential-filled scene as one of the biggest names to date to become involved in Battlerite. Onslaught General Manager Patrick O’Brien was thrilled with the acquisition and long-term possibilities of Battlerite.

“We are incredibly excited to be adding not only a new team to the Onslaught brand, but to continue our growth beyond being mono-platform. As we turned the page into 2017, one of our biggest organizational goals was to expand into the PC sphere, and bringing on Averse, Arakune, and Ninjas to represent the Onslaught brand is a huge step in the right direction to achieve this goal. At Onslaught, we pride ourselves on our past history of great professional teams and successes, and signing an incredibly talented and dominant team in a new title is exactly how we try to expand. I personally am beyond excited to help the Battlerite scene grow, and looking forward to more continued excellence from our new team.” – Patrick O’Brien, GM



Chief Operating Officer Jen Dalton was also enthusiastic about the esports prospects for Battlerite, and had high praise for both development studios involved in the project.

“Stunlock and Coffee Stain Studios have made it clear they see a bright future for Battlerite as a potential Tier 1 title. Given the incredibly early popularity of the game and how committed both studios are to making Battlerite a sustainable, successful esports title, Onslaught is happy to be one of the first major gaming organizations to commit to the growth of the game.” – Jen Dalton, COO


Onslaught’s Jordan Flores echoed Dalton’s sentiments. As VP of Talent Development, Flores is tasked with understanding the nuances of each game and ensuring that each player and team is put into the best position to succeed.

“As a former League of Legends and Smite player, its refreshing to see a new take on the genre with a focus on battle mechanics and fast pace of play. Definitely excited to have the number one team in North America representing Onslaught!” – Jordan Flores, VP of Talent Development


You can find out more about the incredibly talented team and its individual players by checking out the team roster page found on the Onslaught website. The newest additions to Onslaught all are active streamers on Twitch, led by Averse who is also one of the top Battlerite streamers in the game. For more information on Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite, you can check out the official website at Battlerite.com or check out many of the community websites and tournament providers including Battlerekt presented by NGE and Pro Rivalry League.

With its fast pace of play and multiple different champions, Battlerite is the perfect embodiment of the “easy to play, hard to master” genre of games. With multiple organizations and communities hosting casted weekly tournaments featuring the top teams from both North America and Europe, the future looks bright for the Battlerite scene. And with Averse, Arakune, and Ninjas representing the oS brand, the future looks even brighter for Onslaught. Please join us in welcoming Connor, Dominic, and Alvin to Onslaught!

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