Onslaught Signs 2017 CS:GO Roster

Onslaught eSports is pleased to announce the newest addition to our dynamic collection of winning teams with the signing of Counterstrike roster Nick “Raid” Young, Stephen “sWs” Schnieder, Martin “VindicatoR” Gilgenast, Ryan “Ju1ce” Branco, and Joey “Cloudwalker” Schneider to compete in ESEA Season 25 under the Onslaught banner.

Lead by Captain and former professional Starcraft II player Stephen “sWs” Schnieder, the ESEA Main team has its sights set on continued steady development and progress, having previously been promoted after 12-4 (2-1) and 13-3 (1-1) performances in ESEA Open and Intermediate, respectively. The team had been on the radar of VP of Talent Development Jordan Flores for some time due to their consistency and potential, especially with Schnieder’s professional background and leadership helping to guide the team.

Stephen “sWs” Schnieder

“I’m super excited to be joining Onslaught. After talking with numerous other eSports orgs, it was clear that the management of Onslaught knows what they’re doing. Going forward in this season as a team we have one goal, to make playoffs, and we think we have good chances if we keep practicing smart, and hard. I am extremely excited to represent Onslaught, and am thankful to join such a talented group of individuals.” – Stephen “sWs” Schnieder


Joining the team is talented newcomer Joey “Cloudwalker” Schneider, a CS veteran since the early 2000’s and youngsters Ryan “Ju1ce” Branco (18) and Nicholas “Raid” Young (16). When paired with one of Nebraska’s top CS:GO players Martin “VindicatoR” Gilgenast, the formidable lineup has all the makings of another championship caliber roster for Onslaught, who as an org is newer to the CS:GO scene but is no stranger to professional level success.

I’m very stoked to finally be at this level with CS:GO and I’m happy I’m starting the biggest journey yet with Onslaught. Ever since seeing how Onslaught is run, the accomplishments the organization has, and even the other teams Onslaught supports I knew this was the organization we should be with. While CSGO hasn’t been their main focus yet, it is now and I get to be a part of that with my team. I could not be more excited than I am now.” -Joey “Cloudwalker” Schneider


When interviewed on the prospects of teaming together and their roster’s biggest strengths, the starting five players all talked about their work ethic being the number one focus, with the team putting in long hours developing strats, honing communication, and preparing for each opponent regardless of record as though it is a championship match.

Onslaught General Manager Patrick O’Brien and Chief Operating Officer Jen Dalton were equally focused on the long-term development of the team when interviewed, especially with this being one of the first full season CS:GO rosters Onslaught has produced.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to hopefully work long-term with these guys, and to help provide them with the support they need to continue their development as Counterstrike players. It is no secret that CS is one of the biggest esports titles in the world, and Onslaught has always prided itself on not only fielding some of the best teams, but also grooming the next generation of talent. We could not be happier for the opportunity to work with these talented and motivated young men.” -Patrick O’Brien, GM


Dalton echoed this theme, further expounding on the potential to work long-term with the team.

“One of our goals as a company for 2017 was to continue to expand into PC titles, and to do so in the traditional Onslaught way. By identifying talented players who have all the intangibles a successful professional team demonstrates and providing them with our know-how and organizational support, we feel as though long term this team has a great chance to represent oS as they continue to grind towards Premier and beyond. We’re beyond excited to work with them this season and beyond!” -Jen Dalton, COO


ESEA Season 25 kicks off for Onslaught on Wednesday, June 7th at 10 PM EST. Be sure to check out the official Onslaught Twitter account for the latest scheduling and streaming information, stop over and check out the awesome team biographies and please join us in welcoming the entire team to Onslaught!

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