Onslaught Acquires Roanoke Reign Organization

Today marked an important chapter in the history of Onslaught eSports as the company reached a deal to acquire the Roanoke Reign (formerly Virtue Gaming), an emerging esports organization with a presence in multiple platforms and genres.

The acquisition of Reign includes a consolidation of Reign’s management team, with Onslaught absorbing part of Reign’s executive management staff including Reign founder and CEO Brent J. Beckner and Chief Operating Officer Dawn Lozner. The move also includes bringing aboard multiple top-level fighting games competitors, including Super Smash Bros player Daniel “UUAA” Diaz, along with the Reign Female Pro League Call of Duty roster and many Reign YouTube and Twitch Content Creators.

New oS Smash Player “UUAA”

Bringing Reign on board is a homecoming of sorts for Onslaught’s COO Jen Dalton, having previously served as Virtue’s General Manager under Mr. Beckner. With similar core values shared between each organization coupled with the shared experiences from Dalton’s past stint, it made a lot of sense to seriously consider merging Reign into Onslaught’s operations once the opportunity arose.

Said Dalton on the opportunity to bring Reign into Onslaught:

“I have always maintained both a great working and personal relationship with Brent, and a lot of what Reign stands for today is reflected in our work together under Virtue. It was honestly hard to leave my Virtue family to come to Onslaught, so this reunion is the best of both worlds in me eyes – a great partnership, and a reunion of old friends.”


Onslaught’s Founder and General Manager Patrick O’Brien was very pleased with the prospects of adding Reign to the Onslaught brand when interviewed.

Reign Founder and CEO Brent J. Beckner

With our shared corporate missions and mutual respect for each other, bringing Reign on board made a lot of sense. They have always tried to operate with honesty and integrity, and provide a healthy home for their members and those ideals align perfectly with Onslaught. We are very excited to be adding so many talented new members to Onslaught.


When reached for comment on the impending acquisition, Reign’s CEO Brent Beckner was thrilled to be joining one of the most dynamic brands in North American esports.


“Onslaught is an upstanding organization with superb leadership which will allow everyone involved in this merger the ability to succeed. Onslaught exemplify similar values that I drove our business on and have the necessary tools at hand to ensure both success and growth for their members. I look forward to working with Patrick, Jen, and the rest of Onslaught moving forward.” – Brent J. Beckner

With an strong background in the fighting game scene, former Chief Operating Officer Dawn Lozner will head up the Fighting Game division of Onslaught and team with VP of Talent Development Jordan Flores to continue to focus on player growth.

“I am excited that the members of Reign will have a new home to be able to compete and continue to rise in their respected variants with the merger to Onslaught and I look forward to working with all of the FGC team already established in Onslaught” – Dawn Lozner

The move strengthens both the content creation and competitive esports divisions within Onslaught while expanding into new territory with Female Pro League COD team.

Please welcome everyone from the Roanoke Reign organization to Onslaught!

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