Management Team

Patrick O’Brien, General Manager

General Manager Patrick O'Brien brings nearly 15 years of business management experience to the head of Onslaught eSports LLC. An avid gamer since the days of the Intellivision, Patrick leads Onslaught as both its strategic visionary and chief executive. Patrick also serves as the lead talent developer for Onslaught, and has a proven track record of success in recognizing and molding top-level professional teams. An eSports veteran, Patrick has built the Onslaught brand from scratch into the widely respected company it is today.

James O’Brien, Senior Vice-President

James O'Brien is the younger brother of GM Patrick, and serves as both the co-owner and Senior Vice President for Onslaught eSports. James has an extensive gaming background, including competing previously in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and uses this experience to help with talent acquisition. James also operates as the lead creative design for Onslaught, putting his formal education as a Graphic Designer to use creating many of the marketing materials and campaigns Onslaught uses to promote our partners.

Jen Dalton, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Jen Dalton operates many of the day to day operations within Onslaught, and has prior experience as both a streamer and General Manager for Virtue eSports. A beloved community figure who through her hard work and personality commands respect and admiration, Jen is one of the highest-ranking females in eSports management. A Project Manager by profession, Jen combines a keen ability to develop relationships with her management and organizational skill set to power Onslaught forward.

Jordan “Zyph” Flores, VP, Talent Development

Jordan "Zyph" Flores is a former competitive player in Call of Duty, Halo, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Recently retired from the Call of Duty scene, Jordan joins Onslaught having extensive knowledge of many professional gaming scenes and brings a competitors passion to developing talent for Onslaught.

Jordan also brings an extensive scouting, analytics and coaching background to Onslaught, leaning on his 18+ years of baseball playing experience, including 3 years at the collegiate level and Bachelors degree in Mathematics.

Nick Perkins, VP, Content Creation

Nick “Nikasio” Perkins is a 24 year old telecommunications engineer. He has dabbled in esports since before the word was even coined. Nick began his esports career playing Socom 2 and 3 and then finally transitioned over to the Call of Duty scene. A Lincoln Tech graduate now working in the IT field as a video conferencing support engineer, Nick enjoys grinding Overwatch with his friends when he's not watching streams. Nick leads both the Onslaught livestreaming and YouTube teams.